A Quick Change

First, an apology to those of you who have started following me on here and find the page not how it used to be.  I found the theme I started with, though of a photographic nature, wasn’t really me.  Plus a good friend of mine pointed out that the links were not very clear, so I decided to have a theme change.  As a way to make this up to those of you who may have liked the original background to this page I present to you a selection of images from January in the year of the Mega Series mentioned here.  Please enjoy.

This Way 11111

This Way 11/1/11

That Way 18111

That Way 18/1/11

No Way 23111

No Way 23/1/11

Pray 24111

Pray 24/1/11

Chained 25111

Chained 25/1/11

Yellow Streak 5111

Yellow Streak 5/1/11

Hill O Beans 15111

Hill O’ Beans 15/1/11

Speed Eater 3111

Speed Eater 3/1/11

A Token of the Thief 16111

A Token Of The Thief 16/1/11

Soft As Stone 31111

Soft As Stone 31/1/11

I hope you enjoyed these.  And just so you know, the theme will more than likely change again…


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