I Like Being “Liked”

Wooden Heart

Do you like it?  It’s a kind of warm, fuzzy feeling working it’s way up from your toes, enveloping your heart and making your face flush with pride.

Ok, maybe it’s not that warm and fuzzy, but it makes you feel good, doesn’t it, when somebody “likes” what you’ve done.  Whether it be a blog here on WordPress or a particularly inspiring status update on Facebook or a bitingly witty tweet on Twitter or getting featured in a group where you post your images, if you’ve taken the time to produce it, type it or Swype it, it feels good when someone – especially someone you don’t know – takes their time to read it or view it and “like” it.  It’s even better when they click that little button and let you know that they like it.  So, thank you to all those people who have taken the time to look at, read and like my stuff.  You’re great and make it worthwhile.

Thank You 13411


2 responses to “I Like Being “Liked”

    • As she said. I don’t often know if anyone has read anything I put anywhere, let alone enjoyed it – be it facebook, twitter, WordPress and it feels far too personally emptying to not have the slightest sense of vindication for my attempts at self-expression. Then, I attack myself for feeling that way. I don’t think I’m alone.

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