True Love Ways

My wife and I met online.  Not on a dating site or anything like that, but on a forum for an author we both liked (details for another blog, maybe).  She lived in Florida, the “Sunshine State” of America, and I lived in the sunless (some would say) country of England.  Over time we fell in love (aww!), but things, obviously, were a tad difficult (details for another blog, maybe.  Did I just say that?).  Anywho – or anyhoo, you pick – we began chatting over the ‘net via mics on Yahoo Messenger and came up with the wonderful idea of singing to each other.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Singing to each other.  This was before we actually confessed our feelings to each other and I was a little nervous, to say the least.

Autumn went first, as she is a singer after all, and she sang, as a subtle hint, I Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley.  And what a beautiful job she did, too.  It really did bring a tear to my eye, in a very good way.  But it only served to make me even more nervous!  So I began to practice my song, which, if you read the title of this blog, you will know was a Buddy Holly classic.

Well, longish story a bit shorter, I sang it to Autumn the next night and she, too, was brought to tears in a good way, or so she told me.  In other words, my singing wasn’t poor.  All this to tell you that the picture below, though done as part of the year long series of images I created in 2011, was inspired by that period in our lives, before we physically met and had only heard each other cry over 4000 miles of ocean.

015True Love Ways 015411

True Love Ways


3 responses to “True Love Ways

  1. Since I learned of you two, I’ve hoped to find someone for myself. It’s the faintest spark of hope in me to not be alone, however, you two keep it from being put out by the winds of despair. *Grabs a kleenex*

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