I also write Haiku…

…Well, after a fashion.  I don’t write in the traditional Japanese style, which consist of 17 on, which can be translated as syllable, but are actually sound units.   A Japanese Haiku can have more or less than 17 syllables, but will (mostly) have 17 on.  (Source is Wikipedia. Blame them if I’m wrong!)

I also don’t write strictly in the English style.  English Haikus don’t have to have 17 syllables (typical length is 10 – 14.  Again, check the Wiki!), but mine do.  And I don’t just stick to nature and seasons.  I have written movie synopsis Haikus!

This one is about…

Cracked Time

Cracked Time


Time passes slowly
In the realm of the stopped clock –
The last tick has tocked.


Jamie F. Leader
Copyright ©2006 Jamie F. Leader


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