Inspired To Show


Waiting For An Audience

I’m trying to stop posting two blogs a night, but after I posted my last blog I had the good fortune to be followed by a couple of people, one of whom (click here to find out who, go on, I dare ya!) has inspired me to show some of the un-manipulated street photographs I have taken over the years.  As I explained to her in a comment on one of her posts, I was put off taking too many candid shots after getting yelled at by a market trader a few years ago when I levelled my Canon at him and took aim.  I still don’t know if I’ve forgiven him for that.  I do try now and then to get some decent results while cowering behind my wife and kids as we go shopping, or as we sit in Costa having a Mocha and Salted Caramel Latte, and here are a few of the results.


Coffee House Series #15


Coffee House Series #29


Waiting For A Train


London 2007


London 2007


Laid Back Lunch



Last Wishes

Last Wishes




Second Thoughts


Two’s Company


I Feel Good…Honest


On The Other Hand


Sleeping It Off


One response to “Inspired To Show

  1. Really like some of these. Still feel your WP theme isn’t doing you any favours. The background really distracts me from the images and, on your poetic stuff, from the words. And I’d like to see the photos a bit bigger. I can click on them and wait while the FULL SIZE ONE loads up but that’s a bit OTT… 🙂

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