I Only Wanted The Memory

The image and poem in this entry were inspired by a tweet from a good friend of mine.  See?  Twitter can be good for something!  Thanks, Lorraine!

I couldn’t look at the photograph

I couldn’t look at the ring you wore

I couldn’t sense any purpose in

Living life as I did before

I only wanted to hold your hand

I only wanted to see your face

I only wanted the memory

Of the life that was in this place.

I Only Wanted The Memory small

I Only Wanted The Memory
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Sorrow Of An Angel

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. For those who care,  sorry about that.  I’ve been working on the next part to The Coin, which I haven’t quite finished yet, and some new images, one of which is posted below.  I hope you like it.  Comments and feedback would be appreciated.


Sorrow of an Angel small

Sorrow of an Angel
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What We See


This is Beth, a beautiful young woman and a talented dancer.

What we see
Is not what we get
But what we can avoid

What we touch
Is not what we feel
But what we cannot take

What we hear
Is not what they say
But a whisper of our own

What we smell
Is nothing corrupt
But the flower of the World

What we taste
Is nothing bitter
But the nectar from the flower

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword


I woke up this morning wanting to blog.  How odd, as I don’t really have anything to say.  So I thought I’d share another image with you instead and tell you the (very) short story behind it.  It isn’t anything mind blowing so, please, don’t get your hopes up.

This picture is part of a year long series I did in 2011 which can be found here along with much of my work.  It was a reworking of a picture I took when I first bought an SLR camera (a Canon EOS 500N) back in 1997.  In the original the mannequin was holding the pen like a rifle, looking down the “barrel” as if he were about to shoot.  However, the mannequin in this image is a different one and I couldn’t get the arms into the right possition to hold the pen accordingly, so I had him wield it like a sword instead.  Told you it wasn’t mind blowing, though the premise of the image I believe to be true.  Have you ever seen Grosse Point Blank?