Which One?

This is a genuine question.  Listening to some music tonight on the (very) old PC, Sting came on with his live version of “When We Dance”.  Well, I was immediately inspired and asked my lovely wife, Autumn, to go and put on the blue dress she wore for these two pics.  After some sighing and demands of hot chocolate (which she didn’t get because we didn’t have any milk!) she complied and posed for a new Angel picture for me.

After I took the shot I went and drew a new set of wings, stuck ’em to the kitchen wall and got the shot I needed of them, too.

I will get to the question in a minute, though if you read the title of this blog you may have guessed what’s coming.

I uploaded the images I needed to the ‘puter and proceeded to put the finished picture together, also creating a texture layer with the words “When we dance Angels will run and hide their wings” written on it.


To cut a needlessly long story short I created three images.  A base image to mess around with and to finished pictures.  So, to my question…


Which one do you like better and which one do you think I should put on Redbubble to show and sell?  I can’t decide…oh, and you can click on the pics to get a better look.  Thanks for your time.



When We Dance Angels Will Run and Hide Their Wings #1


When We Dance Angels Will Run And Hide Their Wings #2


My True Face Is…

024My True Face Is 24611

My True Face Is

My true face is
The one I choose to show
The one I want seen
The one on display
When I choose it to be

My true face is
The one that laughs and cries
The one that frowns
The one that smiles
For a little while