029Will & Kate 29th April 2011a 029411

Will & Kate 29th April 2011

026Hope 026411

Hope 26/4/11

024Into The Light 024411

Into The Light 24/4/11

019Three In One 019411

Three In One 19/4/11

016Caught In Sunlight 016411

Caught In Sunlight 16/4/11

015True Love Ways 015411

True Love Ways 15/4/11

011One Eye Open 011411

One Eye Open 11/4/11

010Faith 010411

Faith 10/4/11

006In The Frame 006411

In the Frame 6/4/11

003Wishing It Was You 003411

Wishing It Was You 3/4/11

A selection of images from the Mega Series, April 2011.



Where Forgotten Toys Go 16311

A selection of ten images from March of my year long Mega Series. This one is called Where Forgotten Toys Go, taken 16/3/11

A Gift For You A Helping Hand 25311

Yes, all three hands are mine…
A Gift For You – A Helping Hand 25/3/11

He Shot Me Down 3311

He Shot Me Down 3/3/11

Holding Autumn 29311

Holding Autumn 29/3/11

Let Me Out 15311

Let Me Out! 15/3/11

Missing Autumn 2311

Missing Autumn 2/3/11

Not Fade Away 13311

Not Fade Away 13/3/11

Reach Out 5311

Reach Out 5/3/11

The Unusual Suspects 17311

The Unusual Suspects 17/3/11

Unlock Your Potential 1311

Unlock Your Potential 1/3/11



Yes, I know it’s April.  This happens to be the follow up blog to this one here. I will be showing a selection of images from my Pic- A-Day series that I began at the beginning of 2011, ten pictures from every month.  As you will have correctly guessed, this blog is showcasing some of my favourites for February.  Enjoy.

The Doctors In 27211

The Doctor’s In 27/2/11

Escape From The Chain of Balls 6211

Escape From The Chain of Balls 6/2/11

I Cannot Hide My Heart From You 14211

I Cannot Hide My Heart From You
This was produced for St. Valentine’s Day

I Come To You You Come To Me28211

I Come to You, You Come To Me 28/2/11

I Have A Key To Your House 18211

I Have A Key To Your House 18/2/11

If Words Were Butterfly Wings 3211

If Words Were Butterfly Wings 3/2/11

Oh The Pain 11211

Oh, The Pain 11/2/11

Out Of Reach 13211

Out Of Reach 13/2/11

Posh 5211

Posh 5/2/11

Talking To A Wall 20211

Talking To A Wall 20/2/11

A Quick Change

First, an apology to those of you who have started following me on here and find the page not how it used to be.  I found the theme I started with, though of a photographic nature, wasn’t really me.  Plus a good friend of mine pointed out that the links were not very clear, so I decided to have a theme change.  As a way to make this up to those of you who may have liked the original background to this page I present to you a selection of images from January in the year of the Mega Series mentioned here.  Please enjoy.

This Way 11111

This Way 11/1/11

That Way 18111

That Way 18/1/11

No Way 23111

No Way 23/1/11

Pray 24111

Pray 24/1/11

Chained 25111

Chained 25/1/11

Yellow Streak 5111

Yellow Streak 5/1/11

Hill O Beans 15111

Hill O’ Beans 15/1/11

Speed Eater 3111

Speed Eater 3/1/11

A Token of the Thief 16111

A Token Of The Thief 16/1/11

Soft As Stone 31111

Soft As Stone 31/1/11

I hope you enjoyed these.  And just so you know, the theme will more than likely change again…